LEAP Into The Year 2012

Posted March 7th, 2012 by Regina Ruff

leap_200x1331Hi All! I should have written this on February 29th, but I was busy planning a surprise for my father who is a leap year baby! Every 4 years we get a gift: an extra day in February (due to something with the revolution of the earth around the sun). I’m not an astronomer, but I do think we should take this extra day to do something special… or to do something basic- something you should’ve done or have been meaning to do, but haven’t done yet.

In his post last week, Eddie Ares encouraged us to work on some BASIC things to become a champion. Use this Leap Year opportunity to lay down your foundation- in dancing, and in life, to build upon these basics for a succesful, solid future. Even if you didn’t take advantage of your ‘Leap Day,’ it’s never too late!

Practice your basics, (walks, swivels, spins, good manners, :) etc.)!

use a mirror, (have you ever said, “I want the mirror she looks into,” about someone?)

find a friend who will hold you accountable (someone who won’t let you quit or be lazy and will tell you the truth!)

“just do it” (develop mental toughness, and no matter what- just keep trying!)

learn from your mistakes! (If you keep leaping/falling into the same hole and wonder ‘why is that hole still there?’… maybe you should look before you leap next time and slightly alter your trajectory!)

Don’t forget to write in your dancing questions and concerns to Eddie.
And as always- leave us a reply- we love hearing from you!

Regina Ruff, your RSF pro-am voice
Live, love, laugh, dance

And the Oscar Goes to….

Posted March 1st, 2012 by Regina Ruff

oscar-3-150x150Last weekend if you’re a movie buff you watched the 84th Academy Awards hosted by Billy Crystal in Hollywood. If you’re a sports fan you were probably more excited about watching the NBA All-Star game where the OKC Thunder’s Kevin Durant won the MVP honors for scoring 36 points for the Western Conference in their victory over the East in Orlando, FL.

The movies have their top stars at the Oscars all vying for the coveted “Best” in a category. The NBA All-Stars have the top players from all across the country - all superstars- having to work together as a team, but still only ONE gets the MVP. It’s tough and humbling on those moviestar, superstar atheletes egos; to be considered one of the best in your field and still come up on the short end and have to sit there and smile….. But the VERY Best know and truly believe that it’s GREAT to win, but knowing you were nominated and made it to that level of ‘Superstar’ has to be enough or you could go crazy.

What can we as dancers take away from this?

TRAIN like a Champion
Think like a Champion
Act like a Champion
Believe and Know that you ARE a CHAMPION when you have given it your all, whether you get the Oscar, the Tony, the Grammy or the MVP!

Well, no matter if you’re a sports fanatic or a movie-glamour guru, this weekend was also host of the celebrated Oklahoma Challenge ballroom competition! And the stars were shining bright there as well! Dance Champions of the past, present, and future filled the ballroom of the Cox Convention center with music, laughter, and energy as they danced for the RSF Circuit titles.

Drop us a line if you were there and share your RSF love for the OKC! We love hearing from you!

Until next time…. Keep dancing!

Regina Ruff, your pro-am voice

Anything u need to know and more

Posted March 1st, 2012 by Eddie Ares

Hi all my name is Eddie Ares and if u have any questions out there about your dancing steps competition etc.etc. well feel free to write in and asking me anything you need to know and i will get back to you as soon as possible!Talk soon .

How to become a champion as fast as possible!

Posted February 29th, 2012 by Eddie Ares

Well ask yourself these questions: am i talented , do i hear music, do i have rhythm, if you answered yes to these questions then u have a chance so let’s begin!

1) Be with the right instructor from day one !

2) if 1 isn’t your situation then …these are the things that you have to make happen:

Ask your teacher what basics to practice.

Then practice your basics and be ready for your lesson.

Go to a basics class and if you don’t have a basics class, ask your teacher or studio owner to create one every other week and get your fellow dancers to support it they will all save $5,000

If u follow these three steps you will get so much better if not a champion it depends on you and how hard u work .

My name is Eddie Ares and I have won 41 United States pro/am open titles because of my every other week basics class.

If you want to get better or win the United States Championships the formula is the same.

But if you really want to know the great thing about this formula .. that would be that you will save $5,000 dollars! My name is Eddie Ares and i approve this message!!! and guarantee it!!

Happy Hearts Day!

Posted February 14th, 2012 by Regina Ruff

love to dancechocolatehappy heartsLove music, love to dance… all you need- is to add chocolate!!!

This sounds like a great idea for all our RSF Circuit dancing friends on this ‘happy hearts’ day. :)


“Dance is the hidden language of the soul…”
(Martha Graham)

and also:

“Dance is music made visible…” (George Balanchine)

So go out there and fill your hearts with music and let your inner souls shine through! Share your RSF love! (Check out our most recent videos on supershag.com).

Happy Valentine’s Day-

Regina Ruff, your pro-am voice

‘The Voice’

Posted February 8th, 2012 by Regina Ruff

voice-judgesThis week the new Season of ‘The Voice’ television show premiered after the Super Bowl (Yea Giants!!!). Hopeful, passionate, rising star singers auditioned for the chance to become the next ‘big thing’ with the help and coaching of superstar judges Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine. The key is, if more than one judge likes the audition, these up and coming singers get to choose whose team they want to be on.

This show is a great parallel for us… We started this blog and the RSF Pro-Am Voice magazine as a way for hopeful, rising star dancers to get the support, guidance and information they need to be their very best in the pro-am dance world. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a brand new beginner, in dance and in life- we need to surround ourselves with people whom we admire, who we think will challenge us, help us to be the best we can be and reach our goals.

So go out there and find the team that will be your ‘Voice’ and lead you to reach beyond your potential! See you on the dance floor at one of the RSF Circuit events!

Happy Dancing :)

Regina Ruff, your pro-am voice

Doors Will Be Opening…

Posted January 27th, 2012 by Regina Ruff


We got take-out Chinese over New Year’s and my fortune cookie read: “Doors will be opening for you in many areas of your life.” That made me feel hopeful. I’ve figured out I’m an antsy person… always striving to do more, be more, grow… But consequently that means I’m often worried about not doing enough or doing too much, and it not being enough. It’s a slippery slope. If you open lots of doors to new rooms, does that mean you have to close others, or can they remain ajar for you to go back and visit every once in a while?

If I have learned anything as a mom, it’s that you can’t have it all. Something’s gotta give- maybe not forever, but it’s always a give-and-take. So how does this affect our doorways to dancing?

In 2012 we have to decide ‘what’s the plan?’ Is it behind door number 1? That might have a goat and two chickens behind it! Door #2 might be better, or it might be worse! My advice is to open a door with a peephole! Ha! Seriously, though, most of us have an inkling of what’s behind the door, so open it with your feet planted firmly on the ground, your best allies at your side and your plan of attack to walk, run, jump, leap or dance through! (And… If the door closes, know that God will open a window with friends to help you climb through). Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!


Happy New Year and Happy Dancing!
(Make sure to look for the next issue of the RSF Pro-Am Voice to help you make your dancing plans for 2012)!

Regina Ruff, your RSF pro-am voice

Happy 2012!!!

Posted January 2nd, 2012 by Regina Ruff


OMG- how did the year 2011 fly by so fast? What’s next? If you are a resolution kind of person, you should know what’s next… If not, I feel sorry for you. You are letting life lead you around by the nose, reacting to everything like it’s out of your control and not your fault. Sigh….


Need some help? Wake up!!! Take action…. ACT! Make changes and make things happen.
Most of all celebrate… with music, with friends, with dance and the RSF!

Do you have a dancing goal or resolution for 2012 you’d like to share?
Drop us a line and let us know!
We’d love to hear from you!!


Regina Ruff, your pro-am voice

I Get A Kick Out Of You

Posted December 26th, 2011 by Regina Ruff

virginiarobertadcKick up your heels and get moving! There’s no rest for the weary…. 2011 is coming to a close and it’s time to think about your goals for 2012. Start off by kicking out old habits, bad influences, and negative thinking! Stop traveling down the same road and making the same mistakes/excuses over and over. But how? Start training!

Training can take place anywhere, any time- whether it’s the holidays, you’re traveling, or possibly you’re dealing with an injury or illness. You just need to get creative. Do some fancy kick boxing, take a walk in the airport, or work on strengthening an uninjured area. Also train your mind! Watch videos, try reading self-help books to help you relax or focus better. Just do what it takes to make 2012 better than 2011!!!

Remember: keep moving, be good to yourself, let go of regret, forgive others, keep spreading your RSF joy, — And of course, keep dancing!

Regina Ruff, your pro-am voice

Freeze Frame

Posted December 19th, 2011 by Regina Ruff

chas.usbc.jordyRSF Voice ballet classphilly love 2011

As I wait in the airport, I realize 2011 is winding down and I take some time to scroll through the pictures on my iPhone. There are pictures of special/random moments frozen in time… kid pics, party pics, holiday pics, scenery pics, and of course- dance pics! So many good times and happy, smiling faces… and we want to see yours!

Please look through your random RSF pictures captured forever on your phone (or somewhere else)! If you have a shot you’d like to share from 2011, upload it onto our RSF facebook page or email it to me to share in the next issue of the RSF Pro-Am Voice. Let’s send out 2011 in RSF style!

Happy Holidays and keep dancing!

Regina Ruff, your pro-am voice
ABI feature writer02-freeze-frame

you're only as old as you feel!

you're only as old as you feel!